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Answer from Tot herba

to COVID-19

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Alcoholic lotion 70º hand cleaner without water

Garrafa GEL CHAMPU.jpg
With Spray in 100 ml, 200 ml
personal use only
Acondicionador Garrafa.jpg
With dispenser, 500 ml and 1 L
for shops, offices, bars and establishments open to the public
Garrafa Leche Corporal.jpg
In 5 liter jugs
for filling

Our lab

Laboratorios Authex as manufacturer of the Tot herba line, was born in 1976 as a laboratory of natural alternatives for health, hygiene and beauty. Tot herba wants to meet the needs of a growing public that wants to have effective, socially responsible and environmentally friendly products.


no surprises

in our Products

Our raw materials, we value products of Mediterranean origin from organic crops, especially from our own and sustainable crops.

We only use preservatives and ingredients that are recognized and authorized in organic certification.

Our surfactants are sustainable, of natural origin and guarantee a deep cleaning but respectful of the skin and hair.

We put at your disposal the dictionary with INCI nomenclature of the ingredients that we use in the composition of our products.

Start the day with pleasure

Tot herba

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