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Our Laboratory

Manufacturer of the tot herba line, born in 1976 as a laboratory for natural health, hygiene and beauty alternatives. Tot herba wants to meet the needs of a growing public that wants to have effective, socially responsible and environmentally friendly products.

At tot herba, pioneers in natural cosmetics in Spain, we recover the traditional forms of our ancestors, we use carefully selected natural raw materials and we make them compatible with current production, quality and control techniques. Our keys to facing the future are to understand the importance of respect for culture and the environment.

Our products for body care and hygiene are made with traditional recipes based on the specific properties of Mediterranean plants, such as lavender, rosemary, St. John's wort, chamomile or sage.

All with the guarantee offered by the manufacture and own quality controls and a price policy that allows consumers to use it regularly.

Thanks to its high concentration, a small amount of a tot herba product is highly effective.



Social responsability


Sustainability and action against climate change.


Responsible use of water, efficient consumption.

Rainwater recovery

Gray water irrigation


Responsibility to our society

we incorporate people with disabilities


We are founding members eticentre


Committed to volunteering at amadip


100% use certified renewable energy


Responsible production processes

Protection of local terrestrial and marine ecosystems


Community alliances km0

Local suppliers

Lower carbon footprint

Natural active ingredients

Eco raw materials


raw Materials

Plant distillation

At Tot Herba we take care of the highest quality of our active ingredients by selecting the best raw materials and obtaining them by hand (distillation, maceration, etc.). All our production processes are respectful with the environment and the selection of our suppliers is carried out exhaustively, always making sure that they are in accordance with our philosophy of care, respect, coherence and responsibility.



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